China Huaxia Special Metal Limited.

Headquarter add.: No.1705 Huaxia Bank Tower, No. 256 South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China

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CSM unremittingly executes proficient control on the whole manufacture procedure, ranging from the raw material selection, consummate processing technique to strict product testing. All our high quality products are under the national standard and international standard and can expectedly have their best performance in various industries.

Raw Material Selection
CSM high quality product is rooted in premium and rigidly controlled raw material. We have the highest quality titanium sponge procured from home and abroad. We also have our own smelting center for them to have second or third smelting. CSM stainless steel products' raw materials are supplied by Baosteel and Yongxing, the best special steel enterprises in China. We pierce the bar billet to acquire mother pipe by ourselves, which both guarantee our high quality product and reduce our cost.

Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing technology, accumulated by long-term experience, is a vital indicator to judge a manufacturer. CSM has a senior technical team master in the processing technique of titanium, nickel, nickel alloy and stainless steel. CSM core team members have more than 35 years' rich working experience. Meanwhile, efforts are made to maximize product quality and minimize the cost. We pay particular attention to the effective communication with customers, the practical marketing requirement, and further exploration, research and improvement in our manufacturing technology.

Product Testing
The product testing refers to having beforehand quality test on product leaving for next procedure. CSM not only conduct product testing on the finished product, but also execute in-process control. It conforms to our purpose of significantly avoiding the continuing maching of the failed product as early as possible, which can increase the qualification rate and reduce the overall production cost. We also have laboratory in every factory to carry out independent detection, ensuring good control on product's performance and ingredient.