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Special Metal Manufacturer in China

Looking for a professional titanium products manufacturer? Welcome to CSM Group! Being one of the biggest special metal products manufacturers in China, we manufacture the titanium & titanium alloy, nickel & nickel alloy, as well as stainless steel products for industrial applications. Having a variety of metal sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, bars, rods, wires, forgings, pipe fittings, valves and clad plates, we provide the most effective solution for industries including aerospace, offshore, medical, food, sports, shipbuilding, oil & gas, nuclear power generation, etc. Our available production standards are ASTM/ASME, EN, AMS, GOST, JIS, DIN, GB, etc. Therefore, we have 100% ability and confidence in our product quality. One-stop service, products with different materials, various non-standard machining and customization service are all available. We welcome worldwide customers to visit us and have cooperation with us.

    1. Titanium Plate, Titanium Sheet

      CSM high quality titanium sheets and plates, including cold rolled titanium sheets and hot rolled titanium plates, are under strict tracking and check in terms of raw material -- titanium sponge. CSM controls the whole process, such as the melting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment, etc.

    1. Seamless Titanium Tube/Pipe

      CSM is specialized in exporting seamless titanium tube and pipe, and owning an annual production of 3,000 tons. CSM seamless pipes and tubes feature high specific strength, corrosion resistance, good cryogenic property, low elasticity modulus, low thermal conductivity and no ferromagnetism.

    1. Welded Titanium Pipe

      CSM welded titanium pipe and welded titanium alloy pipe are produced by series of technological process, such as cold or hot molding technology, welding technology, eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing, etc. Our welded thin-wall pipe and welded thick-wall pipe feature uniform thickness, free length.

    1. Titanium Bar

      CSM produces its titanium bars and rods, as well as titanium alloy bars and rods in strict conformation with ASTM, GOST, or GB standard. Being one of the few manufacturers that can realize quality control on the whole production process, we execute strict quality control all the way from the raw material smelting of titanium sponge to the finished products.

    1. Titanium Pipe Fitting

      CSM has welded titanium pipe fittings, threaded titanium pipe fittings and socket weld titanium pipe fittings. Being one of the biggest suppliers and exporters, we also manufacture and export titanium elbow, titanium tee fitting, titanium cross fitting, titanium reducing pipe fitting, titanium flanging, titanium pipe cap, titanium drivepipe, etc.

    1. Titanium Flange

      We are capable of providing specialized titanium flange and various forging products, including integral titanium flange, titanium flatweld flange, titanium weld neck flange, titanium threaded flange, etc. CSM titanium pipe flanges have low strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance, which can withstand all kinds of severer environment.

    1. Stainless Steel Seamless Tube/Pipe

      With the annual sales volume of 6,000 tons, the line of precision stainless steel seamless tube and pipe is one of our leading products. CSM can offer stainless steel seamless tubes for heat exchangers and seamless pipes for pipelines with the standard of ASTM/ASME JIS, DIN, and EN.

    1. Nickel & Nickel Alloy Seamless Tube/Pipe

      Our nickel tube products cover nickel alloy seamless pipe,hastelloy seamless pipe, pure nickel seamless pipe, nickel-iron-chromium alloy seamless pipe, etc. They are mainly applied to the equipment of alkaline chemical industry, food processing ...

    1. Nickel & Nickel Alloy Bar

      The use of nickel and nickel alloy bar widely covers the production of alkaline storage battery, the catalyst and the application to anti-corrosion plating and multi-hole filter. It can be also used as special part in machines and instruments making, rocket industry, atomic reactor industry, etc.