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Titanium Products for Energy Industry

With long service life and excellent corrosion resistance, titanium is the ideal and irreplaceable leading material in the energy industry.

The titanium products can be widely applied to the condenser and heat exchanger of electricity generator. Taizhou Power Plant, Jinshan Thermal Power Plant in Shanghai and Zhenhai Power Plant have applied condenser with titanium pipe to their generator set, with 700 tons of consumed titanium. Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant have applied titanium condenser.

Titanium has also fully displayed its corrosion resistance in terms of geothermal well and geothermal exploitation. It can be applied to steam turbine in the high-temperature corrosive environment of geothermal brine, where other materials with short service life will be ineligible. Titanium's advantage lies in that it can increase the rate of heat collection and extend the service life of geothermal well.