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Titanium Forging

CSM is specialized in producing premium titanium forging and titanium alloy forging featuring excellent mechanical capacity, tenacity, corrosion resistance, low density and high intensity. CSM titanium products’ standard production and detection procedure have overcome both the technological complexity and machining difficulty of titanium forging manufacturing.

The high quality precision titanium forging production is based on our professional process design and gradually progressive method. CSM titanium forging can be applied to the range form the small skeleton supporting structure to large-sized titanium forging for aircrafts.

CSM titanium forgings are widely used in many industries, such aerospace, offshore engineering, oil & gas, sports, food, automobile, etc. Our annual production capacity is up to 6,000 tons.


F1(Gr.1), F2(Gr.2), F3(Gr.3), F4(Gr.4), F5(Gr.5),
F7(Gr.7), F9(Gr.9), F11(Gr.11), F12(Gr.12), F16(Gr.16)

Description Size Range
Disk Dia ≤ 3000mm, Thk ≥40mm
Ring OD≤3000mm, H≥40mm
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