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Titanium Pipe Fitting

  • Pipe Tee
  • Concentric Reducer
  • Eccentric Reducer
  • Pipe Elbow

The key to the pipeline transportation is that the medium smoothly passes the defined route through the pipe. However, the erosion of the medium, the unfavorable friction and temperature will definitely cause damage to the pipeline. This is indeed a severer problem bothering modern industry. Fortunately, CSM pipeline fittings are comparatively and obviously having the advantage and capacity to overcome that problem.

CSM has welded titanium pipe fittings, threaded titanium pipe fittings and socket weld titanium pipe fittings. Being one of the biggest suppliers and exporters, we also manufacture and export titanium elbow, titanium tee fitting, titanium cross fitting, titanium reducing pipe fitting, titanium flanging, titanium pipe cap, titanium drivepipe, etc.

CSM titanium metal product is strictly under the standard of GB, HGJ, SHJ, SY, DL, ISO, ANSI/ASME, MSS, JIS, EN and AS. In order to meet all customers' requirement in various industries, CSM is delighted to carry out production according to customers' required specification, standard and drawing.

Having long-term cooperation with well-known engineering companies from home and abroad, we have the annual production of 2,000 tons. CSM titanium pipe fittings can be practically applied to many industries including machinery, shipbuilding, oil & gas, petroleum, chemical & petrochemical, electric power generation, and more.

Successful case
Engineering Company: Fluor
Material: Ti Gr2
Qty: 21tons

Product Parameter

ASTM B363, ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, ASME B16.11,
ASME B36.10, ASME B36.19, MSS SP43

Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.12,Gr.16

Available Types of Titanium Pipe Fittings
Pipe Elbow:
45°, 90° and 180° long radius elbow or short radius elbow
Pipe Tee: Equal tee, reducing tee
Pipe Reducer: Concentric reducer, eccentric reducer
Pipe Stub End: Long pattern stub end, short pattern stub end
Pipe Cross: Equal cross, reducing cross
Pipe Cap
Tube Socket
Drive Pipe
, etc.

1/2" ~1800mm
Sch 10s~Sch 160

Production Flow of Titanium Pipe Fittings

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