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    1. Titanium Flange We are capable of providing specialized titanium flange and various forging products, including integral titanium flange, titanium flatweld flange, titanium weld neck flange, titanium threaded flange, etc. CSM titanium pipe flanges have low strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance, which can withstand all kinds of severer environment.
    1. Stainless Steel FlangeWe are eligible to provide stainless steel flanges with absolute cost advantage for customers around the world. CSM stainless steel flange can be applied to a great variety of fields, including petroleum, offshore, shipbuilding, thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, etc.
    1. Nickel & Nickel Alloy FlangeWe have hastelloy flange, heat resistant nickel-iron-chromium alloy flange, Monel flange, copper-nickel alloy flange, ASTM standard nickel and nickel alloy flange, JIS standard nickel and nickel alloy flange, DIN standard nickel and nickel alloy flange, etc.


The flange industry, including its materials evolution from steel to titanium, witnessed rapid development in the past decades. Our metal flange products include titanium flange, stainless steel flange and nickel and nickel alloy flange. We also have flatweld flange, weld neck flange, straight flange, welded flange, stamped flange, forged flange, etc. There are flange products in various sizes and standards available in our company all the time, from the industrial pipeline flange of high pressure resistant, to flange with smaller diameter used in our daily life.
1. Materials division: titanium flange, stainless steel flange, nickel alloy flange
2. Standard of operation: ASTM, ASME, ANSI
3. Production technique: pressing, forging, casting