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    1. Titanium Pipe FittingCSM titanium pipe fittings can be practically applied to many industries including machinery, shipbuilding, oil & gas, petroleum, chemical & petrochemical, electric power generation, and more.
    1. Stainless Steel Pipe FittingThe annual production of our exported stainless steel fitting reaches 6,000 tons. Having the advantage of high quality, reasonable price and satisfying service, CSM has successfully undertaken countless overseas projects and won numerous popularity and appreciation from our cooperators.
    1. Nickel & Nickel Alloy Pipe FittingThis product is mostly used in the salt corrosion environment and applied to the industrial production of alkaline product, alkaline resistant equipment and instrument and so on.

Pipe Fitting

Metal pipe fitting is part of the pipe network, playing the role of connecting, controlling, distributing, sealing, supporting, etc. The requirement of its material varies in different application areas and operating environments. Boasting abundant product categories and rich production experience, we are eligible to offer industrial metal pipe fitting, such as titanium pipe fitting, stainless steel pipe fitting, and nickel and nickel alloy pipe fitting. We also have metal pipeline fitting, elbow, tee fitting, reducing pipe, pipe joint, pipe cap, etc. And the machining of metal pipe fitting is also available.