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Nickel & Nickel Alloy Wire

CSM wire products include high-purity nickel wire, copper-nickel alloy wire, ferro-nickel alloy wire, titanium-nickel alloy wire, chromium-nickel alloy wire, etc. CSM range of nickel and nickel alloy wire has good performance in mechanical capacity and corrosion resistance. It can prevent corrosion by forming a black protective layer in alkaline.

CSM provides customers all over the world with over 100 tons of nickel and nickel alloy wire, which can be broadly applied to electric wire, wire-electrode cutting wire, spark drilling wire, alkaline filter mesh, electronic instrument elements, vacuum device, etc.

Product Parameter

ASTM/ASME B/SB164, B/SB166, B/SB408,B/SB 425, B/SB 446, B/SB 473, B/SB 574


(1) Pure Nickel-99%
Nickel200/201(UNS N02200/N02201)
(2) Monel-nickel-copper alloy
Monel400(UNS N04400)- Ni63Cu30
(3) Inconel-Ni- Cr alloy
Inconel600(UNS N06600)- Ni73Cr15
Inconel601(UNS N06601)- Ni58Cr21
Inconel617(UNS N06617)- Ni52Cr22
Inconel625(UNS N06625) - Ni58Cr20
Inconel690(UNS N06690) - Ni58Cr27

(4) Incoloy- Ni - Cr - Fe alloy
Incoloy800(UNS N08800)- Ni32Cr20
Incoloy800H(UNS N08810)-Ni32Cr20
Incoloy825(UNS N08825)-Ni40Cr22
Incoloy925(UNS N09925)-Ni44Cr21
Carpent 20(UNS N08020)- Ni43Cr22
(5) Hastelloy-Ni-Mo alloy
Hastelloy B2 (UNS N10665 )-NiMo28
Hastelloy C22(UNS N06022)-Ni57Cr21
Hastelloy C276(UNS N10276)-Ni59Cr15

Size Range
Straight wire

Diameter: 0.05~6mm, Length: 1000mm (max.)

Wire coil
Diameter: 0.05~6mm

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