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Stainless Steel Flange

Flange is used in pairs and connected on the pipe end. The pipes are connected by the bolt connection through the hole on the flange. Flange is convenient for use and can bear higher pressure.

CSM Group is a developed stainless steel flange manufacturer in China. We are eligible to provide stainless steel flanges with absolute cost advantage for customers around the world. CSM stainless steel flange can be applied to a great variety of fields, including petroleum, offshore, shipbuilding, thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, etc.

CSM has favorable manufacture technology, impeccable production equipment, and thus can produce stainless steel flanges with a complete range of specifications. CSM implements production standards such as ASTM, ASME, ANSI, JIS, EN, DIN, GB, ISO, API, etc. In addition to standard stainless steel flanges, we can also design and produce custom flanges upon request.

Product Parameter

Size Range

Pressure Class

TP304/304L/304H, TP310/310S, TP316/316L/316Ti, TP317/317L, TP321/321H, TP347/347H, 904L, UNS31803, UNS32750

Integral Flange (IF),
Threaded Flange (TH),
Plate Flange (PL),
Weld Neck Flange (WN),
Slip On Flange (SO),
Socket Weld Flange (SW),
Butt Weld Lap Joint Flange (PJ/SE),
Flat Weld Lap Joint Flange (PJ/RJ),
Lined Blind Flange (BL(S)),
Blind Flange (BL)

ANSI B16.5, B16.47, JIS B2220,
DIN2573, 2572, 2631, 2576, 2632, 2633, 2543, 2634, 2545

Face Type
Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Male Face (M), Female Face (F), Male and Female Face (MF), Tongue Face (T), Groove Face (G), Tongue and Groove Face (TG), Ring Joint Face (RJ), etc.

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