China Huaxia Special Metal Limited.

Headquarter add.: No.1705 Huaxia Bank Tower, No. 256 South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China

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    1. Titanium ForgingCSM is specialized in producing premium titanium forging and titanium alloy forging featuring excellent mechanical capacity, tenacity, corrosion resistance, low density and high intensity. CSM titanium products’ standard production and detection procedure have overcome both the technological complexity and machining difficulty of titanium forging manufacturing.
    1. Stainless Steel ForgingAs a stainless steel forging manufacturer with an annual production of 6,000 tons, we have made excellent achievements in products of rare metal, stainless steel and dual-phase steel, stainless steel ring forging, Chinese standard (GB) standard stainless steel forging, non-standard stainless steel forging, etc.
    1. Nickel & Nickel Alloy ForgingOur professional technology and impeccable production line both guarantee the product quality. We have dozens of production and testing devices, including vacuum melting machine, forging machine, pressing machine, 7000 ton numerical controlled hydraulic forging machine, etc.


Our production of metal forging conforms to strict standard, from the selection of raw material to the vacuum melting and forging. We have ring forging, precision forging, small-sized forging, large-sized forging, etc. We assure that every piece of our forging, including titanium forging, stainless steel forging and nickel and nickel alloy forging, is in consistency and in good micro structure. We can always provide wide ranges of options for you, from the high strength and abrasive resistant turbine disk applied to the aircrafts' engine, to all kinds of tube sheets for heat exchanger. The machining service of forging is also available.